Sunday, June 26, 2005

yesterday the marriage of Cinzia...

Days of thoughts, happy and deep...

Hi there everyone!
First of all, sorry if I haven't replied emails or come in Yahoo... my Lodi pc got under repair due to a brilliant move of Stef, who downloaded tons of virus in there trying to have a new Fantacalcio setup... *sigh*!

I am writing from Florence, where yesterday my cousin Cinzia got married!!!

No church this time, she di d in the Pontassieve Mayor site, but believe me all has been great!!! she looked like Botticelli's spring, you'll see in the pic album I will make in a few days :)

The day before, on Friday, I took Stef along Ilaria and Massy, and Monia and Mauro (lovely after their honeymoon) seeing the fireworks of San Giovanni, patronal saint of Florence. He LOVED them a lot :)

It was about time he were seeing them!!! all these years and he had always missed them :)

Heat in Florence is insane.. but I have to write about at least one thing...

Izzi's back shaped as a bee in web waves!!! Sabine, you're adorable.. to have you back on board fills me of joy:)

My statement about losing fanship in Oasis has quite shattered boards universe but hey, it happens. It's not that I don't like them anymore it's just... that I feel nor as deep as I used to towards them. I guess my motherly instinct starts to focuse now on having my own children?!? Prolly ;)

So.. I go... thinkin after lunch me and Stef have to go to highway to get back in Lodi, and thinkin we'll have to with 40 degrees outside, kills me and my forces.. oh well!!!

Catch you soon again, hugs, meli :)

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