Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Manila!

the tiny thumb of my collegue Manila's portrait... :)

Happy BDay dear!
Not much to say... I am on rush and yesterday it has been a very demanding day...
Hope when she's gonna get this at work, in a few dozens of minutes, she's gonna like it :)
This girl is very sweet, humble and tender..
She's very brave and determined and I hope when she's gonna start University after the income of merely her own work at the studio Progetti, she is gonna take the best of all opportunities and become a wonderful Architect :)

I am sure she will :)

I am waiting for G.'s news... let's hope all was fine.

I miss Cassie... I am sure she's taken a lot, but her BDay comes soon too and I hope to catch her before that :)

Now gotta go.. have all a wonderful day :)

Meli :)

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