Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Italians are getting downhill... and some other rants

I get to download some frustrations out today.
First of all... my people here down in Italy are worryin me more day by day.
The referendum didn't reach the quorum (and this, although sad, was expectable): but to fail it with a 25% figure honestly is embarassing.
Are Italians this narrow-minded?

oh well... in ten years time they will regret the chances wasted yesterday, but it's gonna be too late.
We're a professional Country in wasting chances, this is what it seems to me.

More on teh rant side: LUCKELY me and my collegues didn't went to see Heineken Jammin Festival.
cos my former fan heart would have broken seeing Mr. Liam throwing out (again) the night in front of thousands of fans.
I can't stand that anymore.
Let me play Coldpaly till the end of the Summer, really.
Can't verbalize how disappointed I feel after what I heard on the radio, and teh only word that comes to mind if I think of the situation is "idiot".
There are times when one HAS to grow, methinks.

But now, let's write down nice stuff (they've happened, too).
I have been focusing on Missus G. all weekend: I hope her check and operations did rush the right way...
Kisses dear. I'll write you in a few days, after you've gained back some forces.
Then... I met a male model in LodiVecchio: he comes fromnear Naples, and he's really fun to talk too.

I also got mail from a gilr who wants to be portraited by me: she's called Natalie and she's got a very beautiful appearance: it's gonna be a pleasure to gift her with a portrait :)

I have been in Florence and got my long time with Ilaria finally. I have been hosted at her and Massy and it has been adorable :)

I will miss my cousin Cinzia batchelorette party this sunday cos I can't take another Monday free from work :( but the thing that matters the most is the marriage, and that I won't miss be sure :)

Okay.. time to go ;)

Catch you soon again :) Kisses :) Meli :)

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