Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hopin everything went fine for G.L., and expecting more rains...

me in my friend khaldy's sight...

Yes, I woke up focusing on G.L. so much, I already wrote to her the mail I was speakin of yesterday below.

I am sure all went right, but I just wanna make her feel. I am there.

Today's gonna rain again, it's okay, so the air around will stay fresher.

I have will of writing poetry, but I never find the right time in between the kids and my work.
Kids at volunteer centre are makin extraordinary steps with Italian.
Kids can be such a force :)

Sadly it's a period of controversy regarding immigrants, cos chronicles have got their ad spots on that the past week: a guy killed another, and he was a clandestine: all newspapers and news on tv are sailing onto boat of suspicious attacks against immigrants, no matter what.

I can't stand this.
Immigrants don't equal violence or crime.
Human beings do that no matter of their nationality and beyond any other thought, in Italy there are still Italians who commit crimes the most.

Let's hope racism is gonna stop.
Brain should just analyze facts better but that requests a time and a skill not many have.

Catch you soon again, hugs, Meli :)

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