Monday, September 05, 2005

End Of Holidays... *sniff*

Summer is gone... Why Can't I Turn Back Time?

Hola Everyone!
I shouldn't use any of my Spanish likes actually to celebrate my gone away summer time... In fact, the only BAD situations in the weeks away have been linked to Canary Islands experience...
Nothing *that* bad, but bad enough to trash my "hopes-for-perfection" referring to my past (sniff!!) holidays.
But I'll have time to describe all the "sections" of my month away in the picture albums that I will prepare this week in my site.
I have about... 400 pictures ;) (200 are just for Luca and Eleonora's marriage and batch party...eheh ;)).
Anyway, I am back to work, already stressed...
But everyone's got to stand work, we know.
I am terribly touched by Katrina's fury, and sad for all those who've lost their lives and health and wealth too in the hurricane's tragedy.
It seems that horrors never stop.

I just share the pain around, innerly and widely.

PS: after so many years, I got the chance to read BOOKS this summer.
7 in 3 weeks is not bad.
My pick of the year so far is the AMAZING book by Alessandro Piperno "Con le peggiori intenzioni" (sorry for english speaking buddies... the title means "With the meanest/worst intentions").
Absolutely amazing piece of writing: witty, modern, groovy, cynical and so very 2000.
My advice to everyone.

Catch you soon :)
Bye, it's good to be back :)

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lmm said...

U went to spain and you don´t pay a visit to Portugal!?