Friday, May 13, 2005

before the BIG TIME of Monia... :)

me at sea by Francy
Hi everybody again!Yes I know... I didn't write you when I did say I would under previous blog update, but I had more than valid reason to that: I went beachin :)That up above is not an image based on this relatively close sea break, it's a little gift my friend Fran├žoise made me from two years'ago holiday in Gallipoli in May, but I thought it was pretty descriptive anyway so I decided to post it.Love the way she treated the image givin it some kind of painterly feeling, a bit cheesy maybe, but ehy! so I am.
Look at the lenght of my hair (nowadays they are actually even longer than showed here) cos this incoming saturday I am gonna cut them. Makin them scaled. I promise they'll be long still, but definitely not THIS long anymore. They'll get this long again soon though, so, don't worry.It's that for Monia's batchelorette party this saturday I wanna a new head, and so I'd like for her marriage too.
Well, I am excited about this ten days period incoming. Wow! I FEEL it.I even talk of this with the kids at Centre of Volunteer help :) They perceived my excitement and tried to ask me about it. They're learning Italian very quickly, I am amazed at their brain :)
Last sunday Serena got baptised :) the sweet lovely baby and her parents really looked happy :)
What more? Yesterday I went out with my new creek at work for a very enetertaining night at restaurant: we get along very well and so our sweet halves do as well with one another.This rocks, honestly!
I miss my internet friends a lot. Straight after this update I will answer the amount of mails I haven't in three weeks.I am definitely getting older, cos energies at evening when I should keep the contacts with them by writing vanish so regularly, and I get angry with myself for that... but it would be senseless to write a bunch of equalitiesto them "to save the form" when I am tired to do more.So I prefer (and hope you all understand) to write them maybe less often, but with valuable thoughts and personal lettersalways.The quality over quantity: that's my phylosophy always.By the way, as July comes I should be freerer to write more and more constantly, cos work at volunteer centre should diminish consistently as schools shut down.The same goes for my beloved dears at Words Get Around Board: we have to talk of so many new music news!And life&everything actually... *sigh* the good Uni days, when I was plenty of spare time!!! (I mean those as a student...)
But don't get me wrong: I am happy I have grown, in so many other ways.The impression of that is gonna be especially meaningful and intense exactly now that Monia marries.For the batchelorette party we go again at Tuscany sea coast like we did for Chiara's was fun then and so we decided to replicate!Then to change the end, as we get back to Florence after dancing we won't go to our parental houses this time: we will be all sleeping at Ila and Massy's new house, cos Massy won't be there and we will be free!Free to chat all night about.. our longlife friendship and all that sounds "girlie"!Massy along the future husband Mauro, Marco and Francesco will be sleeping actually... in me and Stef's house ;)Yes, Mauro's party is being held in LodiVecchio by Lodi's creek supervision and organization... ;)
But this will be shown in a special section of my site, you know... when I will update that.Get ready for tons of pictures there, I suppose by the start of June I will massively upload eveything, so you're gonna see also Genova Aquarium, my BDay parties time and lot more.
You're always in my heart, I think daily of you with immense care and affection.
Catch you soon again, love Meli :)

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