Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here we were before Monia's batchelorette party!

the 5 of us before batchelorette party of Monia...

Hi crew!
A lil piece of update before me goin' to work.. Just to let you see the 5 of us into Monia and Mauro's new house kitchen, takin a snap shot before starting the batchelorette party of last saturday!
Lots to say about that, but not here and not now... you'll have to wait for the page dedicated to Monia's special week of marriage in my site as the marriage will actually take place :)
Oh yes.. that below is me... my hair are half of what they looked like just a few days ago.
I was just bored with their "un-shape" ;)

Everyone around me loves them this way, and so I do.
Sha-ke! Shake!!!
They will get back longer (maybe) one day again :)
Well.. what to add?
I am very excited about this incoming saturday.
It's raining a lot these first days of the week, both here in Lodi and below down to Florence so maybe that is a sign that in the end, saturday's gonna be sunny :)

Pray for that please! Monia will shine and she deserves sun and light around.
Catch you soon again :)
Kisses from shorted-hair Meli ;)
P.S. okay, okay.. in the end my hair still quite long, I know ;)
Kisses :)

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