Wednesday, November 02, 2005

After Micke Stays... thoughts&words :)

Me and Micke on past thursday in Milan

So... all my plans and organization for Micke's coming at me and Stef got quite wasted by a number of events that have occurred...
The weather was not as good as I did hope, so the fog prevented me to bring him in Pavia...

Stef had to help Angelo the butcher in a thing about Angelo's wife (not time nor space to explain here....) so on Saturday and monday morning he couldn't be with us going around...

But no matter that, I am sure Micke had a lovely time :)
Me and Stef definitely did with him.
So I hope the meeting can be renewed and I also hope me and Stef will visit Micke in beautiful Sweden, cos I am sure the thing is worthy :)

I will prepare a description in pictures of Micke's stays, as I have already done with Oasis gig and as I will do in these two days so to update my site.

Work keeps haunting me so time to be online stays short... but ehy, things are fine :)

Stef will move from MTV to All Music and L'Espresso Group (Radio Deejay included) so new things at the window are expected.

I am 14th in Gazzetta dello Sport list in Serie A... too bad stef gave HIS name and his team's name to the one callin ;) but it should be all solved in the next days. Glory's mine after all ;)

Gotta go now.... enjoy all and be fine everybody :)
Hugs&kisses, Meli :) (the one who hopes to answer mails at least this weekend....)

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