Monday, October 31, 2005

Such a Beatiful Day :)


So I need to update the blog immediately, although a proper review&description of the Oasis Day in Milan will be posted in my Online Music Magazine :)

Just wanna say it has been lovely.. we got up to the front stage, and so we could take very close pictures of them, and of the Coral too :)

Best thing has been Noel playing the Masterplan (I had that hope so strong in me I even predicted it and put the song in the Mp3 I took along me at FilaForum in Milan...) and Liam following that with Songbird :)

Both things were departures from the meant-to-be songlist :) they probably wanted to thank the crowd, cos they just looked and spoken amazingly of our response to them ;)

It has been a great day :)

I'll share more in the site of course, but you gotta at least see Liam as me and Micke did from our privileged position yesterday night ;)

CU soon :)
Kisses, Meli :)

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