Monday, April 11, 2005

I've been in Rome during Pope's Goodbye

Needin time to make things worthy...

... I have been part of history... well it's not really what I was there for.
Many I think have been struck in that feeling, missing the point in the whole of the days of mourning for the Pope.
Too many pics.. why take them? why break that beautiful spiritual silence with flashes and phone cameras sounding?
I found it very offensive.
Very "modern times": shallow, useless and ephemeral.
I was there to see if Greatness still inspire, something that would not be fanatical.
I saw humanity. I liked some of that, I disliked some of that.
I guess that was very expectable.
I came back from Rome with kind of hope people can still talk about peace and love.
With the assurance people in the end WANT love and peace.. it's just that we can so easily forget that, and bend to indifference and hate.
But in our core, we all want peace and love.
I decided while in Rome these days I want to take some time up for helping others valuably.
Not in any religious way, just because I reckoned how much any single one can do to ease others's troubles.
So I am gonna be not much in internet and spend time for laical associations for kids.
I'll be using mails.. and try to update the site and maybe visiting forums.
It's just that I don't feel like painting for a while.
I want to hear kids laughing, and know I have helped them to find hope again in their future.
Thanx for keepin inspire me this beautifully, Great Heart of Humanity.
World can be such a surprise, everyday :)
Love you all :)
Kisses, meli :)

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shelbygt69 said...

you write so eloquent. it is so true your words on love and seems so easy to achieve but too many people with to many opinions will never let it love children that is wonderful they are our future and a reflection of who we are and who we will eventually leave(for a better place I hope)behind carrying on what they have learned from us. I envy you being able to be there in rome to say good bye to his holiness john paul he was a wonderful human being one to admire for sure. try not to be gone to long. I look forward to more of your postings.