Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just finished "babysitting"sweet Valentina...

the baby I hold on my knees in my homepage, that many fail in thinkin is my daughter (!!!!!!), is named Valentina, and she's born on my same day, just MANY years later than I did.
She's the daughter of Stef's cousin Silvio :)
She will be 8 when I am gonna be 28, and we have this very particular link that makes us just get along perfectly. This afternoon she has been here... all time. I taught her some guitar tabs and she seems (just like me) very into arts... from music to writing to drawing...
well, I am destroyed and have yet to prepare dinner, but the day was memorable.
When I am gonna be a mother (not soon, prolly), I would love to have a daughter like her ;)

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