Friday, June 03, 2005

Working while everyone else doesn't...

It simply sucks, but at least I like to do it with my collegues, that I truly like :)
So, yes.. three quarters of Italian workers have chosen to make the so called "Bridge" and attach to yesterday National Holiday vacation this Friday to leap a 4 days out from commitments and go to sea/lake/whatever for resting their bones and minds.

I didn't, cos the policy of my working place denied us that.

Pity me???
Thanx ;)

Well, Stef sleeps at home and I have even to wake him up in half an hour with a gentle phone call!!!

But yesterday I beated him up badly at tennis and THAT's cool :O

Tomorrow I will reach Florence.. for the weekend.

Monia and Mauro mailed me from honey moon. They're having a great time.

I can't control mails at home cos we have to upgrade the antivirus and we won't till middle week of next week.

I am a bit worried cos I haven't got any answer from my previous mail nor from Cassie nor from Jim.
Hope everything's okay, I guess they're just busy.
I should understand and in fact I do.
Just wish them the very best always :)

So guys, time for me to actually work.
Have all a great weekend, Meli :)

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