Monday, May 30, 2005

A thought for a special human being... be strong, dear GL!

A thought for a special woman...

See? I didn't expect such a news.
One of the loveliest people I came across to know has been diagnosed with cancer.
It shocks me, cos this woman is such a special creature, such a lovely, talented human being...
I think of this since I got her mail.
I am sure she'll make it through, I have no doubts..
But I want to write you all here about this, just to ask you a huge favour:
pray for her, and think of this situation, with all the intensity you can, so to give her your power strenght...
She deserves so much your care and love.. she's truly special.

It's a personal favour I am askin you to do... get onto her life waves, with your own love.

from now, and ongoing.


Thank you and.. sweet G...I ma always with you.

Love, Meli xxxxxxxxxx

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