Monday, February 14, 2005

For all the lovers around :)

Happy Valentine !!!

Back from work.. got something to do for this evening.
Yes I know.. everyone does it but I am very keen to that tradition anyway :)
I'll be cooking choco cake for my sweet half and prepare the kind of dinner every lover should deserve for Valentine :)
In the pic it's me and Stef at mountain on 1st of January...I know I have to update all the site... but time is always short!
This past week we've got workers in the house meant to finish the furnishing incumbence but in the end not everything went smoothly so we haven't seen the final chapter yet ;) Oh well :O
At work everything's okay.
Time is fine, and I have finally way to do my massages, do my gym.. take care of the house and do my own stuff.
God, I feel so well :)
*Happy day to everyone... lovers or un-lovers*!!!!

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