Tuesday, February 21, 2006

some lil update on Meli's Real World.

Okay.. who knows if the image is gonna be visible...

I'm updating this from office pc, just to let my friends know I am still okay.

Busy as hell, with lots of news... but as always lately (well..."lately" means at least the past 12 months, I know....) I have absolutely no time to be on internet.

I'm ready to newly get a further master degree, I'm having conferences to do again, I work and basically I have no way any freakin spare time.

I guess I will update my website not before April...


Hope all is fine for you people.. know that I ma very okay. In my Real World Chiara is PREGNANT!!!!! All of us Florence girls are absolutely over the moon :)

Last week my parents were here... I did a conference and all went fine down to Tuscany.

I bought through wonderful ebay the original Adobe Standard 7.0, so my working commitments will be easier to do.

Two saturdays ago I attended to a new marriage up to Treviglio: it was lovely and.. international :) which I love a lot.

Can't wait to catch all online people... but it takes a lil while more, yet.

The Olympics are okay and in Italy everybody is starting to understand curling ;)

A mega kiss to you all, Love, *Meli* :)

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