Friday, April 21, 2006

brief update... ah, yes, I'm 29!

Let's forget that 30's area is almost ready to get me and wrap me up in its shading aura... :

I write down a couple of lines to -as usual- let people know I am okay.
Work still a bitch but the 4 days passaed in the Montegrotto SPA (5 stars hotel luxury.. awwww!!!) was a special gift from Stef that I MORE than appreciated.

Tomorrow I leave to Florence to celebrate with parents.

In the maintime my battle with Dreamweaver is ongoing: to create the scratch for the Staring @ The Syn site is dryin me down.
I don't have much time, but I did promise to little Denise before she died I would have made this fansite for his idol in the past edition of "Amici", so I will make it!

By now I am creating a static version, then if the people at the Yahoo Fanclub will allow me, I├Čll gift them with a regular domain name and probably a dynamic site.

I should also restyle my own site (and maybe update it... it's November 2005 old!!) and visit my boards and those lovely people.. but what can I do? Time is never enough *sigh*.

Hope yer' all fine, kisses and catch you soon, your Meli :)

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