Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, if my team is involved in this Moggi's scandal...

If Fiorentina were in the football scandal...

I HOPE all of the Forentina's people who would be, in that case, dismissing all of the tradition historical and moral of my team is passable of any kind of insult in my book.
I just can hope isn't as bad as it looks for us, but for my principles if others fail, I pity them; if WE fail, I am twice as hit and as angry in my feelings, rather than just scandalized like I would be towards some "external" person doing the same actions.
This whole situations with Moggi, Vialli, Juventus, referees and who's got more, then put'em in also is simpy disgusting.
This lovely sport that we so much love, and which should make us italians happy is really going downhill. I'm embarassed, truly.

On a lighter note, my days in LurkerLandia are facing some cracking events: after the hyperfunny moment in Daveblog (trivia solved, finally, thanx to somebody called "Stellina"... TY 4 ever!), yesterday, due to a communication I HAD to make, which my mails system for some unknown reason wasn't allowing (???)at all, I even posted in the Fanclub Yahoo of Raffaele (that's quite an event, indeed).
I take this moment to thank also in my blog Alice, Sara and Tiziana (whose mails have brought tears in my eye yesterday night: thank you all SO much), and I renew my request to Chiara A. : STOP calling me "your guru" darling, cos this things is driving me mad.

To complete this blog update, this weekend I will be in Florence, when I will be planning along Ila and Massy their staying @ Gallipoli this summer (YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!) and hopefully lift up MOnia and Mauro's mood after they destroyed their LCD Philips two weeks ago (what an unlucky thing.. and the term "sfiga" arises in my mind up quickly....).
Next friday is Da Vinci's code day: can't wait to see Jean Reno, Ian McKellen and Paul Bettany there. (yes, I know there are especially Audrey Tatou and tom Hanks there, but to me they don't fit their characters. I hope to be wrong, of course!)

Kisses everybody... and please, pray for my Fiorentina.
Meli xxxx

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