Friday, December 22, 2006

107 out of 110... not bad, in the end ;)

I’m already awake, although yesterday the dinner with my family , Stef’s family and my stepfather and stepmother ended at night.
The day has been awesome… I did an excellent performance in the discussion of the thesis, I got wide appreciation out of all the Commission and even the Lady Teacher whom I was expected a very careful and potentially dangerous interest in exploiting my work to find some mistakes gave me an unexpectedly enthousiastic reaction. Even before asking me her question she showed a total confidence in my scholar skills, with this prelude: “You have done a magnificent job with this thesis”.
Everybody was delighted… so I took the maximum of the points possibile out of the discussion, namely 6. Summed with the starting 101 up, I took a very flattering 107 out of 110, which is not bad in the end, especially considerino all the mess and chaos of “the double laurea thing”.

Now I’d love to try up Phylosophy, after Social Science and Social Psychology. Let’s see. There’s always that perspective of coming back be part of the University stuff with my former mentor Professor Tarchi Marco.

Anyway, I’m totally grateful with everybody who supported me in this incredibly tough year. My friends Monia and Ilaria yesterday have been absolutely wonderful.

Stef is an angel. My unique, immense, infinite angel. I couldn't live without him at my side.

I know that 2007 is gonna be amazing, and I need it, after this kind of awkward year. Love everybody, happy Xmas, Meli :) (Double-doctor Meli ;))

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